Design is not just what it looks like, it's how it feels.

Designing a Resilient Tomorrow

Our services includes Architectural & Interior Projects with Eco-friendly green and VASTU oriented economical preference. We as post-modern Architects and having an unconventional thinking, will design your Project as per today requirement as well as your own liking.Our firm provides all kinds of Architectural services in all major Architectural niche including, Residential, Commercial or Institutional, Hotels and others. We provide affordable services in cities like Cuttack,Bhuabaneswar,Puri, Sambalpur of odisha and all over in India. Evolve Creative Studio has a capability to Design as per the desire of our Client. We deal in Residential, Farm houses, Villas, Group housings, Corporate offices, Institutional, Hospital, Hotels, Shopping malls, Banquets etc.

Our Vision

At Evolve Creative Studio, we envision a world in which architecture expresses human creativity, environmental balance, and societal advancement beyond its basic form. Our goal is to completely transform the built environment, promoting sustainable communities that coexist peacefully with the environment while arousing wonder and functionality.”

But preservation is just one aspect of our vision. Using architecture as a platform to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity, we aim to be agents of social change. To create environments that inspire and elevate, we work with local communities to understand their needs, empower them via design, and engage in meaningful engagement.

Our Mission

Architecture is more than simply things at Evolve Creative Studio; it’s also about forming communities, producing immersive experiences, and promoting sustainable futures. Our innovative architecture practice is committed to pushing the envelope, discovering new avenues, and going above and beyond on every project we take on.

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, sustainable design principles, and a thorough comprehension of our clients’ demands and goals, our purpose is to transform the architectural landscape. We work together, being creative, and paying close attention to details to create outstanding settings that enhance human experience in addition to fulfilling utilitarian needs.

Why Hire Us ?

Evolve Creative Studio has completed numerous number of Institutional, Residential & Commercial Projects in Odisha and other parts of India in the past 5 years. We have served 70+ happy clients. We have done projects in 25+ cities in India.

We offer an external viewpoint.

We complete projects with the highest precision.

Our designs are reasonably priced.

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How We Work

At Evolve Creative Studio, we approach architecture, interior, and exterior design with a comprehensive process tailored to each client's unique needs. Our workflow typically includes:

We start by understanding your vision and requirements, crafting tailored designs to bring your ideas to life.


After design approval, we meticulously develop the concept to reality, ensuring precision and attention to every detail.


We value your input, ensuring designs align perfectly with your preferences through necessary adjustments and revisions.


Our dedication extends past project completion, offering ongoing maintenance to uphold your space’s quality for the long term.

Our Team

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

“Embrace creativity, inspire innovation, and lead with passion. Together, let’s write the story of success.” 

Your dedication and hard work are truly appreciated. Let’s keep pushing forward and reaching new heights together. Thank you for all that you do.

Ar Sanghamitra Nayak

Senior Architect

Ar Shakti Prateek Sahoo